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Our History

Our history starts more than 30 years ago Where we started to plant medicinal and aromatic plants grow in the fertile soils of Egypt Over time , we started to use the working hands for processing and packaging these plants and supplying them to companies for export all over the world  with gaining experiences in agriculture and processing of agricultural crops of all kinds of herbs, spices, seeds ... and others It was our duty as a team to have the experience of establishing a company to benefit from these experiences  and to work to find markets for our products all over the world

about us

. Almanar is An Egyptian company Specialized in the field of agriculture, processing and packaging of agricultural crops, medicinal and aromatic plants

. The company is also opening new markets for its products all over the world

. The company seeks to offer the best products at the lowest prices to satisfy the wishes of its customers all over the world

Tax Registeration : 521/285/585
Commercial Registeration : 11063 Beba _ Beni-Suef _ Egypt

Our Goals

. Our main objective is to satisfy customers

 . Providing the best services with the highest possible quality

. Saving as much as possible in costs and prices

. Be the first and best suppliers for all Customers